Hey NBC! I watched “Trauma” (Post #2)

Ok, so the first post was pretty reactionary.

I’m right about the medical aspect of the show though. I don’t know who your paramedic technical consultant is… but me thinks if he was really good at what he did there would be NO WAY that you would make such eggregious mistakes ON THE PREMIER EPISODE!

If you don’t have a paramedic on this show, and a REALLY GOOD ONE. You’re going to lose your EMS audience. Really.

And… after watching the show… I don’t want it to fail.

So guys! Take my advice! Really, don’t mess up on the medical stuff. Don’t portray paramedics as drama queens, and don’t make it all about the interpersonal drama. Show some mundane stuff. Don’t make it like Third Watch was in the end, or ruin it by making it all about the overly dramatic personal lives of the characters.

Ok, I’m ranting. I’ll stop until I can make a coherent post.

  • EMS Chick

    I haven't watched it yet but I saw a picture from the show in USA Today. I pointed to the girl in the picture who has her shirt unbuttoned so of course you focus on her chest, he said "Oh she can save me any day!"

    Yep, thanks for seeing my point that it's not a great way to represent females in the field…