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The Tale of the Knights of ResqueSquadia – CkLDE #4

Lo’ my brethren, I shall tell you a tale. This is a tale of daring, and of courage true. The Knights of the Land named RescueSquadia are small in number but large in bravery and true of heart. Our enemies may laugh at us to our faces, but they make comments both snide and snarky […]

Ckemtp’s Labor Day Extravaganza – #3

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Sorry y’all, Sir Ck and the Brave Knights of the Realm ResqueSquadia have been busy running calls. So, to bring you all into the spirit of the next post that’s coming up, I present to you Eh Shrubbery! [youtube=]

Ckemtp’s Labor Day Extravaganza #2

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More from our Indian Friends – This is a PSA stressing the importance of taking our prescription anti-seizure medication. [youtube=] At least stay around until 0:26. Wow. Can someone hand me the valium?

Ckemtp’s Labor Day Extravaganza! #1 – Announcing a contest!

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Howdy everyone! In honor of the holiday today that we’re having here in the US (Labor Day for those of you in the international section of the audience) I thought that I would do something different. I came in to work today with my 4 other coworkers and we determined that since we’re all working […]

Why I love this Job

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Because the owner of this brand new Escalade will ultimately be happy that I’m tearing it apart with the spreaders. (Yep, that’s Good Ol’ Ck on the tool)

Sunday, Random Sunday

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Howdy everyone, welcome to my Random Weekend Post that’s just chock full of Grade A Weekend Randomness. Let’s get things started off here on the right foot with this: [youtube=] Why did I break out “The Man Song” for this one? Because today, I did Manly Things. Yep, I almost made it 24 hours without […]

From the Obsessive Ambulance Cleaner – Tips and timesavers for keepin it squeeky

I am obsessed with clean ambulances. Shocking, I know. Really though, I scrub, clean, shine, and disinfect my ambulances so much I really ought to be locked up. At one job that I worked at for years my partners knew they never had to wash the truck. It was my job to do that. I […]

Remembering Earl

This post is my submission to The Grand Rounds blog carnival that’s being hosted by Medic999 over on his site. My regular readers are getting a sneak peak. Welcome Newcomers! Be sure to check out the normal day-to-day medic blogging at Http:// ————— The day started like any other nondescript day at the ambulance base […]

EMS Trendsetters Conference 2009

Entry Img Are you an EMS Person? Are you involved in Emergency Medicine? Are you an EMT, a Paramedic, a Nurse, a Doctor, a “something medical”? Are you interested in high quality continuing education provided in a fun and cool environment by top quality, national speakers? You are? I thought so. See, I know my audience […]

tRNfkatAMN and Flames a Flyin’

I am so proud of myself! The first EMS Ethics post I wrote a few days ago “EMS Politics, Medical Ethics, and What Would You do?” the one with the ethical dilemma to cric or not to cric, gathered me my first comment flame! The commenter, who bills himself as “The RN: formerly known as […]

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