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Some Blog Housekeeping Stuff

Howdy everyone! Just Ckemtp with some generic blog housekeeping stuff for the regular readers

Dear State of Illinois EMS…

State of Illinois EMS… We have to have a little talk. Can we save our relationship?

Something I found in the Iowa State EMS Protocols

This is an excerpt from the newly released State of Iowa Statewide EMS protocols that I’d like to bring to the attention of the EMS blogosphere. Bravo to the State of Iowa for giving us the tools to improve the profession!

Sunday Randomness – Some EMS Pet Peeves

My Sunday Randomness seems to have devolved into a rant about some of my pet peeves in EMS. There’s some old crusty complaints in there, I know… but every dang one of them will improve your care.

EMS 2.0 – What are our Core Beliefs?

What are the core beliefs for EMS 2.0? This is an “Audience participation” post. How much momentum can we build?

The Drunk Responder

Greg Friese, over at Everday EMS Tips, has written a post in observance of Drug Free Work Week – Oct 19-25th, 2009 entitled “When a Coworker is Intoxicated” In it, he asks what we would do as EMS professionals and Firefighters in cases where we suspect that a coworker is under the influence. This originally started […]

EMS 2.0 – Momentum Building

Over the last few days since I’ve been putting some posts up on EMS 2.0 there’s been quite a buzz circulating around the blogosphere. From this vantage point, it seems like we’re building some momentum to the movement and that is really exciting for a medic like me whose spent the better part of his […]

Welcome to hell, feet

A while back ago, like Medic999, I was approached by Magnum Boot company about becoming a field tester for a new pair of boots. They asked me to wear their new boots for a while and write about them in my “Popular EMS Blog”. They’d send me new boots for free, and I would review […]

Happy Wednesday!

One thing I’ve noticed since moving to this new blog network (Http:// if you haven’t been to the main page yet) is that my blogging worklad has increased exponentially.  The other thing that I’ve noticed is that I’ve been getting mention from some big name bloggers and I’m honored to be included in such a […]

A Shoutout to TOTWTYTR – The NAEMT? What?

I’m linking to TOTWTYTR, one of my favorite bloggers. I’m also calling out the NAEMT. Is there anyone who supports this group? Would someone come here and explain to me what the NAEMT does?

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