Ckemtp requesting assistance!

Howdy everyone!

There’s something on the wind here these days at Life Under the Lights. Change is coming. Something big. Something Wild. Heck, Something Huge!

And I need your help!

While I can intubate two patients with my toes while performing a pericardiocentesis with one hand tied behind my back and decompressing a chest with my teeth, I just haven’t seemed to learn anything about graphic design.

Photoshop just ain’t my thing. I fix people, not pictures.

So I’m asking you all if you would lend me some mutual aid. An ALS Photoshop intercept if you will. I need a new logo for an upcoming project with the blog. I’d like it to be something involving EMS that fits into the theme of Life Under the Lights (of an ambulance and a fire truck). A star of life, and something fire would be cool too. (Oh, and something involving rural EMS too… hmmm)

THE ONE I CHOOSE WILL GET A SURPRISE GIFT AT AN UNDISCLOSED TIME! Heck, I’ll even put up all submissions and give credit to anyone who submits their ideas.

Questions, comments, and submissions go to my e-mail:


  • The Happy Medic

    I'll be sending along my idea, but will offer special recognition to the first submission to my email of a tractor featuring CK's requirements.

    photoshop away my friends!

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  • Ckemtp

    Hey! Just because some of us get patients who are sicker and have transport times longer than 5 minutes don't mean that we all ride in tractors!

    I *have* ridden and driven a lot of tractors though… and yes, I've ridden them to the location of the patient…

    A tractor can be an effective ALS rig! Just add the reds and blues along with the John Deere logo.

    Good ambutractors are GREEN ambutractors