Two things – Want to see what I look like? and a great article too$7057

Thom Dick is my hero.

If you’ve never read the above article that he got published in EMS Magazine, you really should. I read it once. Then I started a blog. My picture is in this piece. I’m the red head, under the lights.

  • peedee

    Honestly, I cant remember how I came to find your blog…maybe RP?? Not sure. I'm still working my way thru it, but I like what I see so far.

    I grew up in an area that had a volly system and that article really is spot on. I saw marriages fail and people fail. Mostly because of the burn that occurs after the neverending years of constant piling on of crap. Vollys are so dedicated they are their own worst enemy and undoing.

    Nice to meetcha. Cheers.


    I've never thought much of Tom Dick, and this article does nothing to dispel that impression.

    Just more of the same from him and "the usual suspects."

  • Ckemtp

    Now TOT, he's a nice guy and he's had some good stuff over the years. Differences of opinion are what make the world go 'round. I like your stuff too, he just took the time once to speak with me and get me going. I've always remembered the advice he gave me.

    But how do I look "in action"?


    My experience with him was about 20 years ago, so take if for what you will.

    You look Mahvalous, darling! 🙂