Remember the time when?

I got my butt kicked on shift last night. Back to back calls from 2pm to 2:30am. Nothing really exciting, two STEMIs though. I got to brush up on my 12-lead skills and one of them was at an honest-to-goodness chocolate factory. Ever had those little chocolate mints that have a strip of mint sandwiched between two slabs of chocolate? They’re small enough to put in candy dishes, and restaurants give them out with the check sometimes. They’re in a green foil wrapper?

Well I went to the factory that makes those things.

It smelled minty.

Today I snuck in a nap when I got home. Gkemtp(it) took a study break and got a nap too. We woke up to the pager going off and Dispatcher Amy telling us about a bulldozer roll-over. We headed down to the station but didn’t make a truck. It’s ok. Apparently the guy wasn’t hurt much and it was really muddy because it’s raining today. The guys that came back were just covered with mud. Heh.

Like any good volunteer department, the guys (and gals) who responded to the station but didn’t make it to the scene sat around drinking coffee and swapping stories. Man I work with some funny people. We got on the subject of horrible, horrible, trauma. It was probably because we had a handful of probies and a few rookies there and we enjoyed watching their faces. One of the other medics told an awesome story about “toothpaste” phenomenon with a fatality, involving a tow-truck driver throwing an eye like a baseball. I told a story about putting my knee in some guy’s brain. (It was in the center of the seats in a car that I was crawling into at 3am, give me a break. Look, I said I was sorry)

Laughed myself silly, I did. I am a horrible person.

Today I’m working on my upcoming GREAT BIG NEWS!! Yes, there is something wholly awesome coming up. Stay Tuned. I don’t want to give it away… but this is the coolest thing to happen to me today.