If I wasn’t so busy running calls today…

I would get a post up about EMS Ethics and patient advocacy involving a scenario for y’all…

I would get more done on my new upcoming site that’s going live (probably) early next week: http://www.lifeunderthelights.com/

I would write a response to an article that I just read in EMS Magazine

I would…. dang, there’s another one

  • the observer

    I was going to school and doing EMS part time for a small paid outfit in PA. Usually the evenings were quiet. Except for two examples of Murphy's Law applied to EMS: 1) If I brought homework, we did not see the garage for more than an hour or two during the shift. 2)If there was a movie on TV that we were watching, we would be assured of a call at 2230–so as to miss the end of the movie.
    But homework was the clincher. And the more urgently I needed that time to do it, the more likely we would be busy.