Two blogs that I found in this long week that are just awesome

This is a light week for me, or at least a 7 day period. Yesterday I worked a 12, today a 24, tomorrow a 12, the next day a 24. Then I have a day off, then a 24 then a 12. So by my count, since Saturday and until Friday I’ll have worked 108 hours.

Not bad for a guy that’s prepping for some adoring fans… Ok, casual readers but I still couldn’t do it withoutcha.

Here are two reasons that I may not have the new site done by the “go live” date (hopefully early this next week) – The language gets a little salty sometimes, but this site is SFW. It’s a “big city cop” who writes very well. This is a great blog. I sat down in between calls and read this through to the end. Great stuff and a great blog. – This is an unofficial, under-the-radar, blog written by some people who are probably officers in the Chicago Police Department. Wow is this great stuff. It’s currently up on my browser and I’m trying to get work done in between posts.

Check those out. I’ll update y’all more on the new site. Please come along with me.

  • peedee

    Both of them are very good! Thanks for the heads up.

  • peedee

    Both of them are very good! Thanks for the heads up.

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