Ckemtp is now on Twitter and Facebook!

So I’ve finally joined the final frontier or something like that. After much prodding, teasing, cajoling, and downright coersion, Ckemtp has joined Facebook and Twitter.

I’m Ckemtp on facebook and, coincidentally, @Ckemtp on Twitter (I think).

At any rate, Gkemtp(it) is managing all this stuff and she assures me that the transition will be painless as I tweet and faceypage or something.

Sometime today the new site’s supposed to be up. if you click this link and it doesn’t ask you for a username and password, it’s up. Supposed to be sometime today!

  • Wow, CK…the site looks great! Congrats with your new Blog-Home 😉

  • mmorsepfd

    Nice place! I can't do Facebook or Tweeter. I've tried but I just can't keep up.

  • Love the new banner! hehehe.

    • Ckemtp

      Thanks. There’s this great guy who made it up for me. Cost me my whole lunch budget for a week… but it was worth it.

      How are you enjoying my lunch budget? Seeing as though I usually eat off of the crate of Ramen Noodles I’ve had since college

  • Twitter works OK, but I'm not finding you on FB.