Happy Wednesday!

One thing I’ve noticed since moving to this new blog network (Http://www.FireEMSblogs.com if you haven’t been to the main page yet) is that my blogging worklad has increased exponentially.  The other thing that I’ve noticed is that I’ve been getting mention from some big name bloggers and I’m honored to be included in such a prestigious group. The quest for the rebirth of EMS, that we’ve collectively titled “EMS 2.0”, is getting broader mention and the conversation is widening.

Frankly, it’s exciting. Really exciting. I’m always deeply appreciative of anyone who reads my ramblings, but it appears to me that the momentum, true momentum, is building. We can and will change EMS for the better.

I’ll be online most of the day today. Look for me on Twitter (Ckemtp) and on Facebook (Chris Kaiser, yes my real name) as I’ll be rambling. I also plan on putting up three posts today. One EMS 2.0 post in response to Medic999 and FireCritic, one post describing the hell week that I’m putting my feet through, and another post about pediatrics for the upcoming edition of The Handover Blog Carnival.

Thanks for reading. Hopefully I can get some coherent stuff out there today. I’d love to hear from some of y’all as I sit here watching Star Trek: TNG on my DVR and pecking on the keyboard.

The coffee’s hot, here we go!