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Soapy Demons – Ckemtp is a geek

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Ok, so this post really proves just how much of a geek I really am. Just bear with me for a bit. This subject causes me a lot of personal grief. I know that it probably shouldn’t and that I am indeed a geek for worrying about this issue because seemingly no one else does, […]

If I wasn’t so busy running calls today…

I would get a post up about EMS Ethics and patient advocacy involving a scenario for y’all… I would get more done on my new upcoming site that’s going live (probably) early next week: I would write a response to an article that I just read in EMS Magazine I would…. dang, there’s another one

Every Day EMS Ethics – Self Medical Direction?

So you’re a licensed paramedic, right? Hypothetically speaking, you were checking in your truck today and came to the part where you check your drug bag. Now, if you’re like me you look at 5 or 6 different medications every time and check to see if you still know how to use them by pulling […]

More HazMat for EMS – Think it can’t happen?

I just came across this: It’s the story of a 15yo Boy Scout who tried to build a nuclear fusion reactor in his mother’s shed. He didn’t succeed in creating sustained cold fusion, but he did create enough fissile and radioactive material that the EPA had to come in and activate the National Radiological […]

And I thought that my job was cool… This guy gets to BOMB THE MOON Holy crap, they’re going to bomb the moon. Oh man, do I wish that I could get to do things like that. Instead, I get poo’d on by people… but that’s the life of the medic. All things are rockin’ for the big move to – I can’t wait. It’s not up yet, […]

Working on the Big Change

Sorry I’ve been so quiet over the last couple of days, but I’ve had my hands full with the upcoming move. As a handful of other EMS and Fire Bloggers, including my buddies Happy and Medic999, we’ve joined in on a new blog network. I’ll be getting a ton of new features, easier content navigation, […]

Remember the time when?

I got my butt kicked on shift last night. Back to back calls from 2pm to 2:30am. Nothing really exciting, two STEMIs though. I got to brush up on my 12-lead skills and one of them was at an honest-to-goodness chocolate factory. Ever had those little chocolate mints that have a strip of mint sandwiched […]

Ckemtp requesting assistance!

Howdy everyone! There’s something on the wind here these days at Life Under the Lights. Change is coming. Something big. Something Wild. Heck, Something Huge! And I need your help! While I can intubate two patients with my toes while performing a pericardiocentesis with one hand tied behind my back and decompressing a chest with […]

Two things – Want to see what I look like? and a great article too$7057 Thom Dick is my hero. If you’ve never read the above article that he got published in EMS Magazine, you really should. I read it once. Then I started a blog. My picture is in this piece. I’m the red head, under the lights.

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