Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-11-08

  • My laptop went on the fritz yesterday. A 24hr shift without a computer. Wouldn't have mattered much though, we wuz busy #
  • @gfriese Hey! How 'bout them #packers? #
  • @gfriese Oh, duh! I'll be putting up on the #medicpreneurs page soon. Having some computer troubles… errg #
  • @gfriese I'm hoping #fireemsblogs will have a blogger meet and greet @chebert #
  • @ukmedic999 @thehappymedic My new post? Well, let's just say that I wanted to contribute something I was good at: Stirring up trouble. #
  • Today: Truly Transnational Transatlantic Trash Talk. Http:// #
  • @gfriese Are ya working close to my neck of the woods? #
  • RE: Oh what's that? Hey, my momma's a saint. She reads this blog too, HI MOM!!

    So it's drunken arm wrestling, is it… #

  • RT @tweetmeme Blog Tip – When the Honeymoon is Over #
  • RT @medicthree I Am Sam: EMS 2.0 | Medic Three #
  • @thehappymedic Someone said something about "Manscaping" in my Transnational Transatlantic Trash Talking. They thought you'd know? #
  • @medic999 You may have me there… but as was said on the comments, I can drink more than Shandy :) All in good fun buddy #
  • @emtdani I got mine, haven't had any <oink> problems. <oink> It didn't seem <oink> to affect me at all <oink> Anybody else smell bacon? #
  • RT @FireCritic Fire Rescue TV #
  • RE: @thehappymedic Dontcha just love the Dispatch Diagnosis? I make sure that my newbies actually do an assessment and… #
  • @msparamedic Care to share the ideas you've got with the class? #
  • @msparamedic You said that you and yer new partner had some ideas that you were going to share with the boss. I'd love to hear them #
  • @bella_medic thanks for the follow! #
  • @msparamedic Write it up in a post and I'll link to it or have ya guest post on mine if you'd like #
  • @thehappymedic Hey! What about me? There's a nonzero chance that I'm available for coffee #
  • @thehappymedic I've got a cup sitting right here next to the laptop buddy, I drink the magic beans (read: Not fluffy coffee) 24hrs per day! #
  • I'm sitting here LMAO at the comments posted on my last two posts @ambodriver Hilarious! I do that too, never mentioned the zoo though. #
  • @medicthree Alright, blogger meetup in the MIdwest. WhiffleTree bar and grill, Roscoe, IL – got a date? Dollar drafts of PBR #
  • @gfriese Yes, I got a copy of it at the department. It didn't seem to have much meat to it. I worry about name infringement with WEMSA's rag #
  • RE: @@medicthree This doesn't surprise me. I work in Wisonsin. We may have some dumb rednecks in our state… but at l… #
  • @medicthree @audreyj84 Oh no, we're not going where they have GRASS FED beef. That would just be wrong. #
  • RE: @thehappymedic For more information regarding how to properly use the Happy Medic's blog page, consult this helpfu… #
  • @msparamedic The reaper only wins if he gets there before you do. Http:// #
  • @tbchick there's nothing wrong with liking what you like #
  • @stevewhitehead Thanks for the follow! I linked you in blog and print today #
  • Oh, and I linked @thehappymedic @ukmedic999 and @gfriese in print and blog today too #
  • Oh, and Http:// too #
  • @msparamedic I want to start an ambulance service to use as a lab for all of the EMS 2.0 stuff… anyone know of a town of about 30-40k? #
  • @ukmedic999 @thehappymedic @gfriese @stevewhitehead And they just saw fit to link it on #JemsConnect 's Facebook page. lotsa traffic #
  • RE: @thehappymedic I notice that all of our sites lag here on the network. I just thought it was my computer(s). Happy… #
  • @jedifire11 Yes, absolutely. For the practicals you've got to have "Verbal Diarrhea" Just keep talking, don't stop. You'll end up hitting it #
  • @jedifire11 Just keep talking. If you can't dazzle them with details, baffle them with BS. There's no penalty for talking too much. #
  • Just ruined my night. Long distance OB transfer in active labor-ish… <sigh> #
  • here I go! #
  • New guy working his first shift today. He's got wheelchock syndrome. One refusal so far today and it wasn't even my turn to run out #
  • Well, there goes another one. Here it sit. It still wasnt mine to go on. #
  • RT @firedaily Those Who Are Tardy Do Not Get Fruit Cup #
  • Headin on a long transfer #
  • @anna_n_chicago Ahh :) So you're an EMS person I see. Or does "squad" mean cop to you? #
  • RT @ckemtp EMS 2.0 – A Paramedic Dreams of Changing EMS #
  • Just under ten hours left on my 48 hour shift. Then one, maybe two, days off with the wife and kid and kittens. I miss them #
  • RT @ckemtp Irish Dog Bloody Mary Mix – Life Under the Lights #
  • @ukmedic999 You should skype me, you can call a US phone #, right? #
  • @ukmedic999 Oh, and I've been training for you! Been picking up kittens and challenging my 5yo. #
  • @anna_n_chicago Ahh, cool. I should try and find a newsletter to write for. I've been wondering about doing one for #ems2.0 #
  • @emtdani I'll help! Whatcha wanting? #
  • @insomniacmedic Heh, when is your exchange program starting up? You can come lift kittens with my FD and see how you like it, ya Tea Drinker #
  • @insomniacmedic And I use the term "tea drinker" with much love, brother :) #
  • @anna_n_chicago You know, you were probably being serious… but I've got a great joke for that one. #
  • @gfriese @setla Looking for someone to jump in? I'd be more than interested. #
  • Hmmm, I was in Milwaukee on Thursday night at around 9:30pm… But I have an alibi! MY partner saw me, so did the pati… #
  • @ambodriver ?? WTF?! You didn't invite me? I mean sure, we live 1000 miles apart… but I like redneck sports as much as the next guy! #
  • @cupdike1987 Sure ya do! Isn't it just freakin grrreat!? #
  • @aascharf Same here in Northern IL – 66deg and beautiful! #
  • The mother who brought down the Fort Hood killer – Times Online: via @addthis #
  • Wishing I could find a way to make it to San Fran… Oh well #
  • Anybody know how to send a text pic to twitter? DM me plz #
  • RT @FireCritic Your Unofficial Guide to “The Project” #

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