Attention Everyone!

If you’re here reading my blog and you haven’t yet been to see what our two EMS celebrities, Medic 999 and The Happy Medic are up to, then you should go there right now.

The long awaited “Project” between those two has taken off and is now being filmed by Thaddeus Setla of Setla productions. It’s been retitled, “Chronicles of EMS” and has become quite the social media sensation.

Since Mark’s been here, I’ve finally had a chance to speak on the phone with him. I gotta tell you, it was cool hearing one of my blogger buddies, who’s accent sounds just like Groundskeeper Willie Sean Connery actually talking to me from here on our side of the pond. You can hear him too, just click on over to his blog and watch the Youtube Vlogs that they’re putting out. You can also follow the web series. Don’t forget to follow @UKmedic999, @TheHappyMedic, and @Setla on Twitter as well.

This is just too cool! You go guys!