Some posts you should read today

It’s been a busy week or two over here behind the scenes at Life Under the Lights. The whole staff is committed to long-term high intensity projects that promise big payoffs upon completion.

Yes, I am the entire staff… so I’ve been a busy guy lately. I’ll fill you in later.

However, while I’m off slaying some local dragons and working on some cool stuff, here’s some things you shoulf pay some attention to;

First Firegeezer wrote this post about Kansas City FD’s takeover of MAST ambulance. I don’t want to go there… but I’ve always liked MAST and looked up to it as one of the best ambulance services in the country. If KCFD is taking it over, all I’m going to say is that they better have the best intentions and better be ready to step up and take care of business the way MAST did… or their citizens are going to suffer for it.

Our well-travelled brother The Happy Medic is over in England riding with Medic999 at the North East Ambulance Service. Here’s his latest post “Ask Not What Your Service Can Do For You”. Here’s also Medic999’s post from the project: “You Guys are Awesome” Hey! He’s talking about US! We’re AWESOME! 🙂

Is everybody following the Chronicles of EMS yet? You should be.

Look for more stuff coming up soon. I’ve got some cool stuff on the burner coming down the pipe and whatnot.