Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-11-29

  • @p_e_naylor Um, aren #
  • @therealjillk How far South? #
  • @sambradley Hey, where were you at during Katrina? #
  • ATTENTION EVERYONE! If you type "Is there any nurse jobs that don't deal with bedpans" into google. I am the 4th result! (My Answer: "No") #
  • @scoolgirl101 Oh I think it's just precious in reply to scoolgirl101 #
  • @UKMedic999 @thehappymedic Fantastic job guys! #CoEMS Couldn't be more proud of you! in reply to UKMedic999 #
  • @SamBradley11 Cold , wet. Pretentious. Political. in reply to SamBradley11 #
  • @firedaily Hmmm, my spidey sense is tingling… I miss Jeremy! One must remember that one can never script october! #
  • @aascharf And how do you take that Martini? in reply to aascharf #
  • @aascharf I like to scare mine with a vermouth bottle somewhere in the same room as my tanuqueray, gotta be dirty. 3 olives #
  • Yay! If you google "Making you EMS service shine" (sic) I'm the TOP result! #
  • @rvaemsexaminer Im Hooman! #
  • Awww :( The poor lil' guy's a sick one today. A decade of being a medic and when he's sick I melt. 500ml of chicken soup! Stat! #
  • Don't have a place to be today? Are you hanging around a vollie FD waiting for kitchen fires? Public safety random dinner @ my place. 5ish #
  • Oh Food Network. What forth have you wrought upon this Paramedic. I'm a chef!(ish) #
  • – The Handover Blog Carnival's up over @thehappymedic 's place! The Theme this month is "Close Calls" Head on over #
  • Been taking some tweetin breaks during the holidays. Be back soon. Happy Holidays to all!! #
  • A great night with family and friends. Kids playing, a turkey overdose, and a bolus of togetherness. Hope your holidays are warm #
  • @FireDaily As always, thanks for the RT buddy! in reply to FireDaily #

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