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I love the FailBlog and I love Google Street View.

I am working on two big articles to put up here that I hope to run early next week. Starting pretty much right now I’ll be tweeting things about them as part of an audience participation thing. One of the articles comments on everything you forgot you already knew about volunteer staffing trends (hint: Stop believing that stuff about the “volunteer shortage” It’s crap and it doesn’t exist) and the other one adds an idea that we can roll out for EMS 2.0 tomorrow iffn we want to that can also increase your department’s income immediately.

So yea, I think that I’ve thought of something good.

On another self-promotion kind of note, I’m sure that you’ve heard of the EMS Garage Podcast. (Http:// I will be participating in a live podcast tomorrow night (Monday night) that will be on at 10pm ET, 8pm MT, and 9pm Central (my time). It’s going to feature some of the biggest EMS bloggers out there (and me too!) and we’re apparently accepting a throwdown by Dr. Keith Wesley. I can’t wait. Log on to Http:// to click on and listen in. My intellegence has it that Happy and Medic999 are going to be there, as well as Greg Friese from Http:// We’ve got a great group. Come in and listen.

Look in tomorrow for some good stuff.