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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-01-31

@OFD020 @dispatchdemon HVLT "high velocity lead therapy" in reply to OFD020 # 1st class session after lunch on pediatric trauma is being taught by the guy who was my EMT-P field preceptor. Good class but I haz a sleepy # I can't wait for the #CoEms premier to get here. Have you looked to see [...]


There’s a twitter tag going around for #ZombieAwareness – Am I a scardy cat? Would YOU think that you were about to git eated?? I sure did

Questions About EMS on a sleepy morning – Care to answer?

Here are four quick questions about EMS that have emerged from my sleepy brain this morning. Care to think about them? You might even want to answer them and add your opinion. At any rate, I gotta get me some coffee.

Busy Blogger Rerun #34132

Good morning all! I’ve been running quicker than I’ve been able to keep up with lately and I thought that I’d dig down into the archives and give you an older post to read. I think that it’s entertaining. I take that back, I think that it’s frankly, shocking. (Ha!) Enjoy

Equipment Review: Scary Post Ahead

This post deals with one of the scariest pieces of equipment carried in any ambulance in the US. Mentioning the use of this item provokes fear in even the staunchest of paramedics and EMTs. What is it?? Read More

Cat Puke Chicken

“Cat Puke Chicken” is not the newest dish down at the local greasy spoon. It’s about politics, and marriage, and EMS… Just read it, you’ll be glad you did.

Are We the Gatekeepers to the Emergency Healthcare System? – EMS 2.0

EMS 2.0 has so much potential to save billions in unneccesary healthcare costs here in the US. Could this be an example? In this scenario, I tell the story of what I’ve put into practice since the Chronicles of EMS came on the scene.

Be The Glow Worm – HazMat for EMS

Entry Img

HazMat for EMS and Volunteers. This is a repost of one of my most popular posts ever. It includes an amazing and real video of something that could happen in your service area tomorrow. Are you ready? Terrifying.

Expanding Our Career Options – Non-Traditional EMS Jobs

Paramedics and EMTs aren’t pigeonholed into our tradidional roles. With a bit of forward thinking, we can expand our professional talents into a lot of industries. Can you help? Join in the discussion.

WTF was I thinking?? Blogroll updates

Some new additions to the awesome bloggers on my reciprocal blogroll. As Happy puts it, “Ambulance Needs a Black and White”

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