WTF was I thinking?? Blogroll updates

Hmmm, it seems that I’ve made an oversight. I was reading Motorcop’s blog today and realized that I hadn’t put him on my blogroll. Why not?? You ask. Because I hadn’t.. and now I’m correcting that error with the addition of Motorcop’s blog “If you got stopped, you deserved it” to my reciprocal blogroll.

As you may know, our friend The Happy Medic and Motorcop are friends. Apparently for a cop, he’s a cool guy. Now, I have nothing against our brothers in Law Enforcement. In fact, I have the utmost of respect for those guys who still wanted to be in public safety but couldn’t hack it as a paramedic or even as a firefighter for that matter. (Ha!). His blog is frankly, hilarious. It’s a regular read for me and it should be for you as well.

Also, I’ve always liked the copblog “Pepper Spray Me” and it was on the blogroll on the old site. It’s being popped up on there as well. It’s *ahem* a little blue sometimes… but it’s wildly entertaining. Just don’t read it in church.

I’m sorry about the lack of streaming posts lately. I’ve been busier than heck lately with a whole rig-full of projects. As I always say, there’s a lot of exciting things coming down the pipe. Stay tuned.

Oh, and if you’d like to be on my (hint) “reciprocal” blogroll, throw me a link, have an awesome blog, and let me know that you’ve linked me on a comment here, at or on my Facebook or Twitter accounts. We can work something.