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Life Under the Lights – From behind the Windshield

This post goes out to my blogger buddy @medicthree – ( whose been having a few rough shifts lately. If you’ve been having a few rough ones lately, this one’s for you too. It’s kind of a rambling, disjointed post about emotions in EMS. It made me feel better to write it. Here’s hoping that it makes you feel better to read it.

“Like Being on a Carousel” – The NREMT Cert? From TOTWTYTR

A shoutout to my friend TOTWTYTR, who calls out EMS education in one of his latest posts. Actual Quote: “The Entire Process of Recertification is a Fracking Farce” Go get em, buddy.

Be careful, I’m trying some field surgery

Notice something weird? I am currently performing some cosmetic surgery on the site based upon the comments I got from my readers when I put up a post soliciting feedback from them about the site. Thanks to everyone who left comments, e-mails, and tweets with your suggestions. I truly appreciate that you all take the […]

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-01-10

@SteveWhitehead Mine’s done. I just have to put the finishing touches on it and clean it up a bit. Mine’s about raw emotion in reply to SteveWhitehead # I’m working an odd shift – 9a to 6p. Just got back from call #8 – #wtf? We were dead for the first 2 hours # @FireDaily […]

EMS Pay Sucks!! (Part 4) – We Control the Market

Low Price. High Quality. Good Service – Of those three choices, which two do you want our profession to pick? It’s time for a little economics and some collective awakening of our profession. Let’s change the rules of the game.

Fiddling While Rome Burns – The “Ambulance Industry”

If you read this piece and it ticks you off, I’ve accomplished something. We have to take ownership of our profession and our cause. It’s always about the patient, but it’s about us too… are we taking a cue from Emperor Nero?

“CPR Theatre” – Pediatric Deaths, resuscitations, and futility

This post is a cooperative joint topic with two widely respected EMS bloggers, Steve Whitehead from Http:// and Greg Friese, from Http:// – Our topic is supposed to be on why it is that EMTs, Paramedics, and other healthcare providers will sometimes “go through the motions” and continue on with futile resuscitations with pediatric cardiac […]

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-01-03

@TheRoadDoctor @Another_Version Hey, on a 24, ran a big part of the day. B2B calls from 0000hrs till 0415hrs. I earned my nap! # RT @Fireground: RT @ENeitzel: RT @Social_Media118: Texas county to name drunk drivers on Twitter # RT @gfriese: Never seen #packers score so many pts ^ weird, isn't it? The packers? […]

Busy Blogger Re-Run – Paying My Pennance

When I was looking through my statcounter results tonight I LOL’d… hard. Apparently THIS POST comes up when one chances to type in “” into our friend Google. Since I haven’t quite finished my latest post on the fact that EMS pay sucks, I figured I’d give the post a rerun. Enjoy. It’s a funny […]

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