Why I am Passionate about the Chronicles of EMS

If you’re an EMS professional, you should be paying attention to the Chronicles of EMS.

I think every person involved in EMS on any level needs to pay attention to the work of three of the profession’s upcoming giants, Mark Glencourse, Justin Schorr, and Thaddeus Setla. Their collective project is a warp-leap forward for how our profession is presented to, judged by, and thought about by our internal and external observers, customers, and colleagues. With their efforts come Hope… Hope that one day soon EMS will take its rightful place as a true profession; Hope that our profession will get the paid the attention that it deserves; Hope that our educational standards, resource needs, and compensation will finally be improved; and Hope that we will be able to improve our total service to our patients and our community through shedding a new light on our profession.

If this works… everything could change. Everything could change quickly, incredibly, and wonderfully. Imagine if EMS became “cool” and the public finally thought about who we are, what we are, and what it is that we do for them. Imagine if people demanded that their community leaders pay as much attention to EMS as we need them too… Just Imagine.

EMS needs a strong, unified message. The Chronicles of EMS can be that message. It is a professional, smart, and uber-cool message aimed straight at where we want to be going. It is not lip service, it is not Hollywood glamour, and it is certainly not dramatized for profit. It is being prepared by industry-experts who are still working the same streets that we are everyday. Everyone involved is one of us. Everyone involved is passionate. Everyone involved wants this, and they want it as bad as you do.

The reason I write about EMS is because I want to improve our profession and our service to others. I want to make this better so bad that I can taste it and I’m willing to work as hard as I have to. Our patients and our communities deserve the best we can give them and I believe that key to fixing EMS is communication and the spreading of our message. This blog exists for that reason and so do the other blogs in this genre. The other bloggers, authors, speakers, and writers I’ve met have all spoken to me of the same goals. Our profession exists to save lives and alleviate suffering and improving our profession help us save more lives and alleviate more suffering in our communities. EMS does indeed make a difference out there in the world and we’re the ones doing it. The Chronicles of EMS is a great beacon of hope in our collective quest.

EMS Deserves More. Our Patients deserve more; Our Families deserve more; and yes… We deserve more. Mark, Justin, Ted, and everyone involved in the Chronicles of EMS are working hard to give us just that. They deserve our support and our attention.

I’ll be in San Francisco on March 11th for the premier of their pilot episode. I wouldn’t miss it for anything. Look out world, EMS is moving forward.

  • Would “ditto” count as a worthy comment?

    Well, just in case you have a word minimum, I'm in full agreement and the #CoEMS crew is definitely taking things in the right direction in my opinion.

  • Your comment is great and I just want to add that EMS work is extremely important and should get a bigger level of professionalism and as a result of that more money, because you are the real first level of attention when somebody have an accident, you are who increase the probabilities of survive of somebody in a major accident, great post thank you.

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  • theroaddoctor

    CK –

    Isn't the premier on Feb 12th???

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  • Thanks for the kind words Dave. I can't wait to see what the world looks like on the 12th.

    And yea, RD.. The premier is indeed on the 12th! Thanks for letting everyone know! But… “I'll be there” on the 11th for the premier, which is indeed on the 12th.

    Are you coming?

  • theroaddoctor

    You said March 11th though. 🙂

  • And that indeed kinda makes me a double Dumb Ass.. doesn't it?

    Thanks buddy…

  • I'm right there with you Ck. I can't wait for SF and so am excited to see what will come of all this.

  • And that indeed kinda makes me a double Dumb Ass.. doesn't it?

    Thanks buddy…

  • I'm right there with you Ck. I can't wait for SF and so am excited to see what will come of all this.

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