Some Personal Updates 2/19/10

Howdy everyone. It’s me, Ck, with a few updates.

First and foremost, I have fourteen articles in various stages of completion on my desktop, but I just can’t get them finished to my satisfaction. Sooo.. I’m writing this instead to let you all know that I’m not being quiet.. just thoughtful.

You may have also noticed that I have occasionally been popping up old posts as new ones. I’m doing this for two reasons, really. One is because I have a buncha new readers now (like hundreds if not thousands) than when I did when I wrote these posts and I wanted them to be seen by the newbies. Judging from the response I’ve been getting on them, it’s a good idea. The other is that I need to go through them all and update links, categories, and whatnot to fit in with the network that I’m in and I’ve been going from old to new in doing so.

So that’s why.

In other news, if you look up in the pages line, I’ve been finally geting around to updating them. You’ll see some changes. Last night I went in and added an “As Seen on TV, Podcasts, and Stuff” page which follows my appearances elsewhere on the interwebs machine. Check it out.

Lastly, while I’m taking care of other projects there’s some blogs out there you should go pop in and take a look at. Here they are in no particular order:

Http:// – He’s been doing a great series on EMS medications. It’s very educational stuff from one of my most favorite EMS authors.

Http:// – Not Trained but We Try Hard is one of my favorite fire bloggers and my favorite industrial firefighting blog. He’s a nice guy too. Pop in and see what he’s got going on lately.

Http:// – This guy is a buddy of mine that I may or may not work with. He’s a very thoughtful writer and definitely deserves a look

– – Another one of the great Frumpydumple EMS bloggers – @MsParamedic’s blog – This guy deserves a link from me. Good stuff he does.

See y’all! Have some fun. See you all at EMS Today in Baltimore!

  • I feel your pain.. I have about a dozen post I just can't seem to finish…. JS

  • I feel your pain.. I have about a dozen post I just can't seem to finish…. JS