A writing Exercise – Working a weekend 48hr shift equal randomness

I like Scott Adams a lot. The guy who writes and draws the Dilbert comic strip, not any other particular Scott Adams you may know. I’m not saying that I wouldn’t necessarily like any other Scott Adams, it’s just that I’m a huge Dilbert fan and also of its creator’s writing.

Why am I saying this? Well as has become en vogue to say with bloggers these days, “I told you that so I could tell you this”

Scott Adams, creator of Dilbert, was once asked his about his opinion on what to do about writer’s block. He gave this answer: (Courtesy of The Internet Writers Journal)

“One of the most common questions I get is “Do you ever get writer’s block?”

The thing I love about that question is that it reveals a wonderful optimism in the person who is asking. I suspect that the people who ask this question believe they possess deep wells of creativity and talent that are inexplicably blocked. All they need is the secret unblocking spell from a cartoonist and then a geyser of bestselling books will spray forth.

I wish I had that kind of attitude. I imagine myself asking an NBA player how he deals with Jumper’s Block, under the theory that if I can learn how to unblock my jumping skills, I will no longer need a car. I’ll just jump wherever I want to go, like the Hulk, but less angry.”

A smart man, Scott.

(like I know him well enough to call him “Scott” and not Mr. Adams… but like all great writers, a reader gets the feel that they know him through his writings so please forgive me. One day I hope to be that good of a writer… so if and when we ever get the chance to meet, please call me “Chris” or “Conan” or “CK” or something, it’ll make me feel better)

Maybe to stretch his analogies further for a paramedic blogger, if I were to unblock my “deep wells” of something, I imagine that I would miss in my unblocking attempt and might unblock my sarcasm well, or my “getting back to back calls starting at 2am” well, or something even less pleasant than those. However, judging from the 14 or so unfinished articles on my desktop right now, my geyser of creativity is not spewing forth. I’ve had like 6 good post ideas today, but not enough has come up from my deep wells in order to make them into a good post on their own.

So what I’m planning on doing here, is to just write the intros to each of these posts and post them here. I’m hoping that this exercise will pop the cork on my deep wells and allow the spewing of creativity to ensue.

Post #1: (dramatic intro to something… ahem)

It’s a foggy and overcast winter’s evening here on shift tonight. The sky is crowded with thick, dark clouds that are taking the colors from the multicolored illuminants below them on the shining streets. The fog is nearly impenetrable. In fact I’m almost surprised that my response vehicle is slicing through it as smoothly as it seems to be. The reflections of my red emergency lights bounce back inside the truck, turning the drive into a shining, bright experience as the fog pushes back against my truck’s insistence that it’s progress is indeed urgent. Somewhere, out there in the fog, someone needs me.

Post #2 (Feel good story with a twist)

Hey! While writing this second post intro, I actually finished it! I’m scheduling it for Monday Morning. So, instead of Post #2, I’m giving you a video…


Post #3 – Interrupted due to my being sleepy

Hey! This little exercise worked! I think I’ll try it again sometime. Today and tomorrow I’m working a 48hr shift, so you’ll probably be seeing some random posts come up in that time.

Happy Interwebbing!