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“Respect” – The Handover Blog Carnival – March 2010 Edition

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Welcome to the March 2010 edition of The Handover Blog Carnival – The foremost EMS / ER / A&E blog carnival on the interwebs. This month’s topic? “Respect”. Lots of great content from some great EMS bloggers this month. Enjoy.

Saved by the Bell? High School Student EMS

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Remember High School? I do. I was the geeky kid who did show choir. I played football too, though. I was young, naive, and inexperienced. I also desperately wanted to be on an ambulance before I was 18. Was that a good idea? Some communities are doing just that. I was for it… but should I have been?

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-03-28

@caduceusmedic @glennbeck Actually, I've written on that a few times. At in reply to caduceusmedic # Wow, I haven't tweeted in like 48hrs. # @jeramedic @tbchick @ssgjbroyles Thank ya. I've got a ton of work lately and I've been swamped as heck. If ya had a search party, bring beer # @MsParamedic @myrtlife I […]

Huddled Masses. Healthcare. Honor. EMS.

Undocumented Immigrants? Illegal Immigration? Where do we stand on this as EMS professionals? What do we do?

Videos for an Airway Management Lecture

Howdy Everyone! This post is a bunch of embedded videos I put up here for use on an airway management lecture I’m giving. Feel free to watch them and use them in any training you would like. If you’d like more info on my airway management class, e-mail me at ———————————————————————- ——————————————————————————- ——————————————————————————- ——————————————————————————– […]

You HAVE to look at this… and The Handover Rapidly Approacheth

Get your submissions in for The Handover Blog Carnival in by Sunday 3/28. You really want to be in this edition of The Handover because I have me a surprise. Oh, and Peter Canning’s kicking blog butt lately, here’s a link

Trust… It’s everything

This post is about when “Stuff gets real”. It’s about trusting your colleagues and yourself to perform when everything’s on the line. It’s about trusting your fellow EMTs and paramedics to perform when it’s your loved-one on the line. Do you trust them? Do you trust yourself?

Any Random Person

Hey, I could do that ALS stuff. Any Random Person could do some of that stuff. Right? Well, I counter that it takes a VERY SPECIAL KIND of random person to be a good ALS provider.

3am with Ckemtp – (See Gus? I can do that too)

It’s midnight, I have to be up and out the door at 3am to fly out to EMS today at 6am. I’m excited, but it’s cold and Mama Juggs keeps setting off the tones.. then Gina keeps elbowing me and telling me to go to the station to do paramedic stuff…

Negativity, you won’t find that here.

Why do you read EMS blogs? Do you think that we can change this thing we call EMS? Obviously, I do… but I’m asking you this time.

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