Hey, Wanna Hang Out?

So, what are you doing this next Friday night? You know, Friday the 23rd of April… Are you going to be in Indianapolis? I’m going to be hanging out with some of my blogger buddies down at FDIC this year and I wanted to know if you wmeetupatIndylogoere interested in coming to hang out with us.

The Happy Medic‘s going to be there, @GinaKaiser’s going to be there too. I’ll be hanging out with them and some other really cool guys and gals at the Rock Bottom Restaurant and Brewery around 8pm (ish), which is just a block or two away from the Convention Center in downtown Indianapolis. The address of the place is 10 West Washington St. I’ve been there before with a buddy of mine the last time I was in Indy on business and it’s a good time (Ask about the Snake. It’s a cute story, actually).

So, you can just show up if you wanna. Or you could “@” me on Twitter (It’s @ckemtp if you didn’t know) and get directions. We’ll be kicking back, shooting the breeze, and talking about the stuff we’re talking about online and elsewhere. That, and fishing, and whatnot. It’s a guaranteed good time. If you’re there (and you really should get yourself there, because it’s going to be a hoot) definitely come up and say “Howdy!” I’d love to meet you.

Be there or be abberantly conducted.