Ckemtp goes to FDIC – 2010

So last weekend I went to the Fire Department Instructor’s Conference (FDIC) in Indianapolis, IN and just had me a bona fide blast. What a good time. I met so many new people, spoke with some amazing personalities, kissed a Canadian (Hey! So did Happy! It was not intentional! We were ambushed!) (and also got kissed by a well known male fire blogger who shall remain anonymous… creepy but anonymous), and learned so much about what it is we all are trying to do here. It was amazing.

First off, I didn’t get to take any classes. Our handlers here at the network were extremely nice to provide me with a free pass to the convention center floor and expo. I would have loved to have learned from the excellent fire service leaders that were teaching there, but my finances didn’t allow me to. Nonetheless, I learned a great deal by just walking around and talking to new people. I met hundreds of new faces, saw some of my blogger buddies, and had a great time. I consider the time I spent talking to the passionate people I met and hung out with to be some of the most valuable time I could have spent. If one wants to be passionate and positive, it is always a good policy to spend time with people who are passionate and positive. I needed a boost and I got it by going to this conference. Big thanks to Dave Iaonne (@coolDaveJ), Chris Hebert (@CHebert13), and Bill Carey from the network for getting me the pass and setting up an awesome event. It just plain rocked.

Speaking of the event, we held the Meetup at the Rock Bottom Brewery in beautiful Down Town Indianapolis, IN. I had me a few of their famous Rescue Captain Ales and hung out with a great group of cool people. I’m sure that I’ll miss some, so please leave me a comment if I missed you and I’ll add ya, but here’s a list of some of the people I hung out with:

Justin “The Happy Medic” Schorr

Rhett “Fire Critic” Fleitz

John “Fire Daily” Mitchell

Tiger “Yes, that’s the name he really uses” Schmittendorf

Art “Chief Reason” (last name redacted because I can’t remember it… Sorry Chief)

April “Epi Junky” Saling

John “Not Trained but We Try Hard” Smith (@firecap5 – Anonymous Blogger)

Christopher “Command Safety” Naum

Mike “Fossilmedic” Ward

Shelly “@Shell1972” Wilcoxen



I’d also like to thank the people I met from EMS Magazine and from Fire Rescue Magazine as well as from I look forward to working with you all and I’m excited about what we discussed. 

Look for lots of posts coming up about what was discussed and what I saw at the conference.  I’m refreshed, motivated, and ready to kick some EMS 2.0 butt in the coming weeks. There’s a LOT of heavy lifting ahead, and I’m rolling up my sleeves. If you ever have a chance to go to a Big National Conference, you need to do so. I’m going to EMS Expo in Dallas next, and I hope to see you all there. I am sure there’ll be a meetup there and you should 100% go, that’s an order.

Oh, and while at that conference, if The Happy Medic asks you to sit shotgun in your car to navigate you anywhere, make sure your tank is full of gas and that you have a pillow handy for him to drool into. Good thing the guy’s not an Engineer. 🙂