Sunday May 16th! You’re coming, Right?

So I’m going to be in Chicago on May 16th at Fado Irish Pub (100 W. Grand Ave, Chicago, IL)ย at 7pm for this. You REALLY HAVE TO BE THERE. If you’re in the Midwest, come on down and have a pint or two with EMS friends to celebrate EMS Week 2010. There’s gonna be a couple of movies screened, fellowship, food, and beverages.
The information is all contained on this Flyer:
Chronicles of EMS/FireStorm Flyer

Chronicles of EMS/FireStorm Flyer

Oh, do you see the times for Philadelphia and San Francisco? If you live around there, you should go there and hang out. Chicago’s gonna be cooler, but you know ๐Ÿ˜‰
Please, if you’re coming shoot me an e-mail at or @ckemtp me on twitter. I’d love to see ya there