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You Know You Work Rural EMS When… (#12234)

You know you work in Rural EMS, right? Here’s a way to tell.

Medic999 – My Friend and Respected Colleague

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The worldwide EMS community has lost an inspirational leader today. I am just… sad. Mark Glencorse, you Sir are an amazing individual and your blog will be missed.

High School Student EMS? Join the EMS Educast LIVE!

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Join Greg Friese and I LIVE tonight on the EMS Educast – We will be discussing High School Student EMS training. It’s sure to be a great show.

Should EMS Improvise? And the Recipe for the “Kaiser Cocktail”

Sometimes EMS providers need to improvise for the best possible patient care. Here’s something I use to treat mild hypoglycemia in the known diabetic. I’m asking for your opinion on this one, should I be doing this?

Police Car Drivers, Ambulance Drivers, and their responsibilities

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A news story I read on via Twitter today caught my interest. Can you identify the three professions in the picture before someone dies?

When all you have is a hammer… Every problem looks like, lasix?

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Ever heard the expression “When all you have is a hammer, every problem tends to look like a nail”. I do that on fire scenes, but is it good to do that with EMS?

Rural EMS – A Fictional Letter to the Small Town Community

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Rural EMS has it’s challenges, not the least of which are the low pay and long hours. I believe that the lives of those in the sticks are just as important as the lives of those in the city and that rural folk need paramedics too. This is a fictional letter with a very real message.

A link every EMS person should read, Especially new Medics

Every now and then (Ok, a lot) I read something and say “Man, I wish I’d written that”. This isn’t one of those. This is one of those things that far exceeds my writing prowess. This is an open Paramedic Class Commencement speech written by David J. Givot, a Paramedic and Attorney. It is an […]

Master Paramedics? I’m asking you a question

I have a question for all of you readers out there. Trade Unions have always honored their best and most experienced members by bestowing the title of “Master”. How would we in the Profession of EMS honor our own Masters?