High School Student EMS? Join the EMS Educast LIVE!

If you would think back a few months ago, you might faintly remember a controversial streak that I had where I posted a few hotly debated topics. One of those posts: Saved By the Bell? High School Student EMS gathered a LOT of responses, both in my commentssection and on the JEMS Facebook Fan Page.

The post looked at whether or not it was a good idea to begin Emergency Medical Technician (EMT-B) training in High Schools and also whether it was a good idea to have high school students actually responding to emergencies. My take was that while I support the idea of first-aid, CPR, and even First-Responder training in high schools, I think that holding EMT-Basic level training there is a bad idea. My thoughts were also that having high-school students responding to 911 medical emergencies was absolutely coo-coo insane.

Depending on your views, I was either a mean and grumpy old man who doesn’t understand just how special these kids are or I was taking a stand to save the profession from the further watering down of our educational standards, professional competency, and pay scale.

Regardless of your opinion, please jump on with Greg Friese and I tonight on the EMS Educast, a LIVE and long-running popular podcast. The show starts at 9pm Eastern, which so I don’t forget is 8pm Central and 6pm PDT. The show is live and I would love to have anyone join us in the chat room and even call in.

Here’s the link: http://www.emseducast.com/live

Here’s the link to the article again: Saved By the Bell? High School Student EMS

The show starts at 9pm Eastern – Join us in the Chat Room and Call In to speak with Greg or myself.

Love my stance or hate it, it’s sure to be a great show.


Also, if you’re reading this after the show, the EMS Educast and all previous episodes can always be found at www.EMSEducast.com