I have been a busy, sleep deprived, lil’ medic

The title says it all… MAN have I been a busy guy. It’s summer and the boy is just fun as heck. We’ve been fishin’ and swimmin’ and boatin’ and doing the things that a father and son are supposed to do in the summer time. Plus, as is my style, I’m working around 70-80 hours per week and I’m trying to cram in as much quality family-man time as I can.

Soooo… my posting frequency??? Yea, that’s suffered a bit. I’ll get back to it. I’ve just been busy. Plus, MARDEK3 came out and I’m such a nerd ;)

So, howsabout a rerun? I don’t want to change the permalink, but I think this is a good post.

Be back soon, y’all.

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I am a paramedic trying to advance the idea that the Emergency Medical Services can be made into the profession that we all want it, need it, and know it deserves to be.

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