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Shining through Suffering – Learning How to Cope with Sadness in EMS

Dealing with the level of sadness we see in EMS isn’t something that comes naturally. It’s a learned skill. Take your time and find your way. We’re all nothing but human.

Too Much Information For a Paramedic?

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Our friend Greg Friese was told that a class he taught was “too much information for a paramedic”. Now there’s three bloggers ranting, good job there, Anonymous Student Evaluation.

Seriously Philadelphia??

This just in from the City of Brotherly Love: Apparently, they require all small businesses to pay for a $300 “privilege license” in order to operate. Apparently there are no exceptions… so bloggers?? Pony up the three Benjamins or be in some big trouble. I am SO going to rush to Philly and start […]

EMS: Is what you do the Best You Can Do?

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“Is that the best you can do?” Those seven words are so simple, yet when asked of ourselves and others, can become so powerful. Is what you’re doing in your EMS career the “best” you can do? Think of what we could accomplish if all simply “tried our best”.

Attention: Calling for Positive Vibes!

There’s just no way to say this: I’m friggin excited! There’s a chance… a chance that one of our long-lost-friends may be returning to our daily… ok, well twice or thrice weekly, lives.. Go read this: (Woooooooooooo HOooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!)

Automatic Window Roller Uppers and Other “Great” Ideas

Wanna hear about a time I thought I was smart but when I was actually stupid? It happens about as often as you’d think. Thanks Car Company Engineers!

Thanks Rogue Medic – What are EMS’s “Fad Diagnoses”?

Our friend Rogue Medic has a shiny new site up there on the Interwebs. It rocks. Rogue Medic is one of the many, many bloggers, non-bloggers, and/or random people who are much, much smarter than I am. I read his site a lot and I am very pleased to throw a link to his new […]

Hey Everyone! Go here right now!

It’s in support of the Chronicles of EMS and they need our support to help them reach a milestone for all of us.

You Can Nap if You Want To! Or You can Leave Your Calls Behind!

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You can Nap if you want to! You can leave Leth-ar-Gee Behind! Because EMS can nap and if they don’t nap – they leave, Patient Care behind. – Introducing the “Safety Nap” Who’s with me?

Volunteer Fire/EMS: Taking the High Road and Letting go

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Is “helping people” your goal? Are we committed to our communities? We have common ground… Here’s my resolution to make us stronger… will you join me?