Seriously Philadelphia??

This just in from the City of Brotherly Love:

Apparently, they require all small businesses to pay for a $300 “privilege license” in order to operate. Apparently there are no exceptions… so bloggers?? Pony up the three Benjamins or be in some big trouble.

I am SO going to rush to Philly and start a business there now! I mean, if I had to choose a business friendly economy to start my small business in, I’m just so sure that I’d start it in Philly! This will do wonders for their economy, I’m sure.


  • Paul Wilson

    This law seems unjust and antistimulative. It sounds like a slam dunk to get public support to repeal or reform it.

  • This brings up an interesting question. Where is my blog located? I’m here, the server is somewhere else, I can create content on my laptop wherever. Even if I wanted to pay this tax, to whom do I owe it? If it’s not attached to a bricks-and-mortar location, how can Philly tax it? Heck, maybe I owe them $300 too, even though I haven’t been there in 25 years.

  • That is an interesting question indeed. Perhaps my blog is located in Philly as well? Perhaps it is located in Chicago… Is it located in the town that I live in? I’ve never once mentioned the name of the town I live in on the blog… but might I be required to buy a business license for my blog as well?

    Laws and regulations are meant to protect us from unscrupulous private citizens… but who protects us from unscrupulous lawmakers?

  • The textbook answer is that we protect ourselves via the ballot box. Sadly, it doesn’t seem to be working anymore. Will we remember in November?