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I don’t usually talk about Political things…

I found this news story out of Schaumburg, Illinois today. Perhaps you should read it, those of you who work local government. It’s of note.

EMS case law? AMA Refusals, Death, and Documentation

This post highlights a recent piece of EMS case law where an ambulance service was successfully sued over an AMA refusal and a patient’s subsequent death… It’s a must read

A Weighted Issue? A Burning Issue… Wow.

I’ve always said that I love EMS and that I’ve taken from it far more than I could ever give back to it. The same is true with this blog. From my readers and people who comment, I learn more than I can teach and enjoy more than I can entertain. This weekend proved all […]

A Weighted Issue – The Fire Service Helping Private EMS

The EMS news outlets are jumpin and there’s a disagreement among EMS people out there. What’s your take?

A new addition to the blog

Howdy Everyone! This is your friendly neighborhood paramedic-turned-writer Ckemtp here with: An Important Announcement As part of my continued struggle through my capitalistic tendencies, I have decided to offer a suite of services to those who may want some sweet services. (see what I did there? The pun? Funny, right? Yea.. it’s funny) You can […]

I wanted to put something up about 9-11…

Entry Img

Never Forget. Never Appease. This is a link to my 9-11-09 post. It’s not new this year… but I don’t think that anything I wrote today could top it. Here’s the link.

Help!! Riddle me this… Quick like!

Do you think that the full-time, paid, professional fire service will continue to be as much as a desirable career goal?

What Difference Does EMS Make? Choose Your Own Ending

I got a little philisophical with this post and I’d like you to pick the ending I should use. What do the three cases I present mean to you?

What are you doing reading THIS?

When you could be reading Happy’s explanation of EMS @.0 over at the Chronicles of EMS website? Go read it. Print it out please, and share it with the world. Thanks, Happy.

Speeding to the hospital! or.. Nurses: Above the Law

Thanks to Burned Out Medic and the “Cath Lab Digest” I found this little gem. It’s priceless… a nurse actually published her fight against a speeding ticket because her job is too important to be bound by the law?

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