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Howdy everyone!

My schedule got hit with a nuclear bomb lately and every minute of my day has been reordered for probably the next two months. This is a good and natural thing that happens with one of my non-blog-mentionable jobs (although if you know me personally, you know which job it is). I’ll be off of a truck for a while and will instead be sitting in front of a computer in a cubicle working on office-related stuff.

It’s a good job that I just can’t speak of publicly, everyone knows this employers name and I don’t want to have a voice that may affect it or me in any way. It’s just not what I write about.

However, while I’ve yet to see what this will do to my blog posting frequency, I know that it has increased my Facebook posting frequency on the Life Under the Lights Facebook Fan page.

Please to join and interact with me so to as I don’t shut down from brain overload?

Here’s the link: The Life Under the Lights Facebook Fan Page

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Thanks y’all!

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I am a paramedic trying to advance the idea that the Emergency Medical Services can be made into the profession that we all want it, need it, and know it deserves to be.

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