A new addition to the blog

Howdy Everyone!

This is your friendly neighborhood paramedic-turned-writer Ckemtp here with:

An Important Announcement

As part of my continued struggle through my capitalistic tendencies, I have decided to offer a suite of services to those who may want some sweet services. (see what I did there? The pun? Funny, right? Yea.. it’s funny) You can find those services above the post in the navigational bar.

Yep, right up there in the middle. The “Services I Offer” button.

Want me to write for your organization, speak for your conference, or ginzu up your data?

Here’s your chance.

  • Nope, no way, I have to keep this clean and professional……

    *walks away with both hands clamped firmly over his mouth*


  • I have to agree with Mark… I really wanted to go high school and make this dirty, but I can’t. I have too much respect for you 🙂


  • Christopher Updike

    <> I’m pretty sure that this is what they are talking about when they tell you in probation about making comments that could someday come back and haunt you! Its how you get a nickname for sure!