I don’t usually talk about Political things…

But when I do, they’re usually of the macro-local type and  have something directly to do with EMS.

This is one of those things.

The village of Schaumburg bucked the national trend of raising taxes and fees to cover rising expenses when its board unanimously approved a 4.4 percent reduction to the 2010 property tax levy

You read that right: reduction.

But that’s not all.  Village officials also did away with vehicle sticker fees and moved to have property taxes cover garbage removal.  

Just for the record, Schaumburg is in Illinois, folks. The same state that sent our senator up to the White House last election cycle. Lowering taxes isn’t exactly the modus operandi for an Illinois municipality. In fact:

Schaumburg is an anomaly among Illinois municipalities. Others like Gurnee and Orland Park raising taxes and fees where ever they can. Northbrook, which has seen an increase in sales tax revenue stood pat.

Schaumburg is one of the larger municipalities in the sprawling conglomeration of suburbs surrounding Chicago. It faces the exact same economic challenges that other municipalities in the area face, but it seems to be doing much better, economy wise.

The measure, if you read the article, isn’t final, but it looks like it will pass. Schaumburg has a full-time Fire/EMS dept and pays their firefighters extremely well, they also seem to have great city services and every time I’ve been in the city I’ve liked what I’ve seen.

In fact, the recent NAEMSE conference was held in a hotel in Schaumburg, and they played a small part in paying the hotel tax.

As I’ve said before, I’m not one to wax too poltical on this blog. This is an EMS and Fire blog and you come here to read about things related to Fire and EMS. I understand that. I don’t want to hijack the discussion to the miasma that is our national political scene and end up alienating a different percentage of my readership every time I post something of an opinionated political nature. However, local politics affect EMS and Fire, and I speak on the politics of EMS quite a bit. This is one of those issues.

I have to ask the question here:

Businesses pay taxes, residents pay taxes, Visitors pay taxes… It goes to say that the more businesses, residents, and visitors a locality gets, the more taxes they’ll pay by sheer volume. People have a choice on where they locate their business, where they visit, and where they choose to live. If you were in the position to do any of these things, knowing that Schaumburg is lowering their taxes, and plans on removing their property tax entirely – just like they said they would – would you choose to do so in Schaumburg, or in the other towns mentioned in this article?

In additon, removing the stupid municipal car stickers, which are really just a massive inconvenience and hassle to the residents of a city, and covering garbage disposal fees through what’s left of the property tax?

Well, Schaumburg… you may just be an island of sanity in an insane state. May word get out and people flock to your borders. It’s called “competition” and usually only successful businesses are the groups that think of lowering their prices to become more attractive to the customer. Bravo.

Source: http://www.nbcchicago.com/news/local-beat/Schaumburg-Officials-May-Lower-Property-Taxes-103947993.html?dr#ixzz10vUpO9PP

  • Some Dude

    Anybody who’s been in EMS longer than 15 minutes and hasn’t noticed that “politics”…and I mean national politics of large philosophical issues, not who’s sleeping with whom at the station…hasn’t been paying attention.

    Our job is to treat the sick and injured, but “politics” intrudes constantly as to how that’s accomplished.

    My buddies in rust belt and dilapidated Northern cities cannot understand why Texas is immune from the crushing “recession” they suffer through.

  • won’t get fooled again

    Trickle down economics never works. Virginia did the same thing a few years ago when George Allen (yes, the “macaca” guy) ran on the platform of eliminating the “car tax” which sounds similar to your municipal sticker tax. Simply brilliant, he won by a landslide over his “tax-loving” opponent and did eliminate the car tax. He ended up slashing the highway budget by over 10%, and stopped building new schools. Anyone driving in Northern Virgina for the last 10 years can see his legacy. All of this looked great for a few years, but now VA has a massive hole in its budget and it turns out all the short term cuts back in the day have caused long term problems. Running on a platform to cut taxes without clearly defining the spending you will cut is the same as running up a credit card debt.

    This system did not work under Reagan, Bush I was vilified by his own party for trying to fix it, and it was an unmitigated disaster under Bush II. For contrast, Clinton raised taxes, and the economy subsequently went into its longest period of uninterrupted growth.

    I’d also like to point out that taxes are lower now then they have been since the Korean War. I don’t know why you are accusing the current bozo of raising them, since that is demonstrably untrue.

    • Pa

      You’ve clearly never picked up an actual economics textbook and read the research.

  • Nanocompressor

    To won’t get fooled again; Clearly not only have you been fooled but you are a fool. I’m being kind by not calling you a moron who knows nothing about economics or what actually happened during the Reagan years. Life is tough when you’re stupid, stupid…