One year must be the Pink Blogoversary

So last night I was conducting web research (by which I mean watching funny web videos while I was supposed to be doing homework) when I got even more bored and yes… I googled my web-enabled alter ego name “Ckemtp”. Predictably, after wading through all of the Japanimation, German Star Trek Fan Fiction, and “Miscellaneous” links, I found a link to a post of mine on – It was to “The Medics are Revolting” and it just so happens that the post was my first post on this new blog site.

Or, I should say, “My one year old blog”.

Happy Blogoversary. I didn’t know that I’d been ranting on this particular site for a year thus far. Strange… but it doesn’t seem that long at all. Wow.

I read the post and remembered exactly how I was feeling when I wrote it. It’s pretty easy to remember, because in a lot of measurable ways, I still feel that frustration. However, after spending a year as the Head Blogger In Charge (HBIC) here at LUTL I can say that I’ve gotten a lot of positive energy from the readers who have bought in, thrown down, and otherwise participated in the growing discussion that the other bloggers out there and I have been passionately trying to foster.

It’s been a heck of a year, no question.

So I give you my first post on this incarnation of Life Under the Lights, “The Medics are Revolting”

I figure that I’ll probably be writing on topics similar to this for some time to come. Thanks for paying attention, I’m honored and humbled that you’re here. Thank you all.


Also!! Wait!! Before you click the link above this one, I gotta ask you a question… Notice anything different?

That’s right. Real EMS bloggers go pink.

This is a movement started by @Epi_junky at EMS Expo and also on her blog (Do I even need to say it?) PinkWarm(and) then further championed by our friend The Happy Medic and the Chronicles of EMS team. Lots of bloggers are decidedly more Rouge these days in support of Boobies.

 Read the post that started this all: