Announcing a Contest: “Take #CoEMS and EMS 2.0 to Work” Month

The “Chronicles of EMS” are about to go places they’ve never been before… and come to mention it, so is EMS 2.0.

In conjunction with our friend Justin “The Happy Medic” Schorr, the US host of the Chronicles of EMS and the blogger behind I’m announcing a contest that will show the world your personal commitment to EMS 2.0, and to some extent to the Chronicles of EMS as well.

You may be asking why I’m diggin a big on #CoEMS. You know I love those guys, so you’ve got to be scratching your head here. 

That’s because I’m gonna win this one.

Yes, that’s right. Justin and I are having a little competition with this one. Let me be the first to say #TeamCK. Whichever one of us wins this one will get bragging rights for an unspecified period of time.

Here are the preliminary details:

In a subsequent post to this one, you will find two graphics. One will be a Chronicles of EMS patch/logo and the other will be the EMS 2.0 patch/logo set. We would like you to take EMS 2.0 and the Chronicles into your EMS daily life. Print out the pictures and pin them up somewhere your daily EMS life takes you. When you head into a hospital, pin the CoEMS or EMS 2.0 logo up on the bulletin board. Do the same in the crew quarters of your ambulance service, anywhere you go in your day-to-day, show your support for the EMS 2.0 movement and the Chronicles.EMS 2.0 logo

Then, snap a picture of yourself and your coworkers by the logo and send it in. The Happy Medic and I will post the pictures up on the blog sites. I’ll post the pictures of the people who send in EMS 2.0 pics up here on LUTL, and Happy’ll post the pictures of the #CoEMS folks up over at the Happy Medic Headquarters.

But wait!! There’s More!!

Anyone who sends me a picture of their supporting EMS 2.0 will be entered into a drawing to receive an EMS 2.0 patch. Anyone who sends a picture of their supporting #CoEMS will be entered into a drawing to receive a #CoEMS patch set. Anyone who sends in pictures of BOTH will be entered into a drawing to receive an EMS Monopoly Game Set.

Sweet, huh?

Oh yea, like I said, Justin and I are competing. Whichever one of us gets more single photos of support, him with Chronicles and Me with EMS 2.0, will win… probably bragging rights but suggestions will be appreciated.

Be creative. The coolest pictures will get the biggest audience response… and while I haven’t figured out what prize may be given to the person with the coolest picture, I’m saying that there might be one in the works possibly maybe.

Look up here soon for the picture files. I’d suspect that they’ll be on the site and on as well.

The contest will be ran all though November, with the drawing to be held on December 1st.

I can’t wait to see how far this goes!

Everything will be solid by tomorrow at least (maybe tonight). Look here for the graphics. I’ll start by peppering my own EMS life with EMS 2.0 (and CoEMS, cuz I love those guys) I’ll post the pics as well.

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