Take EMS 2.0 and Chronicles of EMS to Work Month!

Two days ago, The Happy Medic and I announed a plan where we would provide graphics for you to bring the Chronicles of EMS (#CoEMS) and EMS 2.0 to work with you. We asked you to place either a Chronicles of EMS graphic, or EMS 2.o graphic in as many places in your day-to-day EMS lives as you can, snap a picture of it, and send us the photo.

Cool, huh?EMS 2.0 logo

Well there’s going to be prizes. I just don’t have all of those details yet… however, if you send me a photo of your EMS 2.0 pic to ProEMS1@yahoo.com, or post it on the LUTL Facebook Fan Page, I’ll get the pic out there somewhere. Yes, you can tweet it… and please do, but also please send it via E-Mail of Facebook. Every pic of EMS 2.0 I get enters you in for… Something.

Also, send your #CoEMS pics to Justin either on his Facebook Fan page, or at TheHappyMedic@Gmail.com

If you send both?? That’s Awesome! try to submit the pic to both of us though.

And… whichever one of us gets more pics wins bragging rights. So, you know.. #TeamCK

2point0pdfv1 <— Click THERE for the EMS 2.0 .PDF file. Print it out, and let the world know.

This has the potential to bring a lot of new eyes to both the EMS 2.0 movement and the Chronicles of EMS. Thanks y’all. We need your support.

Here’s Justin’s #CoEMS graphic: http://happymedic.com/wp-content/uploads/sites/23/2010/10/coemspdfv1.pdf