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Lazy EMS – Encouraging the RMA

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My friend “Ann” called me for advice on a situation she’s having at her ambulance job. Can you offer better advice on how to deal with her possibly worthless partner?

Go Vote!! 2011 Fire/EMS Blog of the Year

Life Under the Lights is a finalist for the 2011 EMS Blog of the Year. You can vote once every six hours for your favorite Fire/EMS blog. Care to?? Please?? Here’s the info

Does How Your Brain Works Affect Your Patient Care?

If you’re a regular reader, you know by now that my brain works differently than well… a lot of people’s do. How does your brain work? How does that affect your care? How does this affect EMS?

Some cool News #215

This is just some news and housekeeping issues. Light reading and writing for a Saturday afternoon.

Assessing Greatness – Catching the stuff you’re supposed to

Have you ever felt that sinking feeling you get when you’ve missed the obvious? Here are some things to think about to help you catch your zebras and be great at patient assessments.