Go Vote!! 2011 Fire/EMS Blog of the Year

Hello everyone!!

I know what you’re thinking… you’re thinking that whenever I start a post like that, I must have something up my sleeve. Perhaps I’m about to shout another in-your-face opinion about EMS, or paramedicine, or EMS 2.0, or something like that. Maybe I’m going to make you mad; maybe I’m going to make you think; or maybe, just maybe… I’m going to inspire you to action.

Well it’s that last one, the one about the “inspiring to action”. 

Every year, our friend The Fire Critic runs the annual “Fire/EMS Blog of the Year contest”. Last year, the winner was our good friend and “mate” Mark Glencorse over at http://www.999medic.com. It was great to see him win it… I wasn’t jealous at all!

Anywho, this year is a whole ‘nother year and just like that, there’s a whole ‘nother contest. Only this time, Mark is out of the running and THIS VERY BLOG is a finalist!

I know what you’re asking… you’re asking yourself: “Where can I vote?!? Oh why?? WHY am I not voting THIS VERY MINUTE  for my FAVORITE EMS BLOG that just so happens to be THE BLOG I AM READING RIGHT NOW!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!”

Well never fear, my friends. Never fear at all.

You can go vote for your favorite EMS blog, *cough* Life Under the Lights *cough* multiple times, once every six hours, that is. So if every reader of LUTL goes and votes every 6 hours like clockwork, not only would we crash the servers, but we’d also show some other bloggers…

(bloggers who stoop to crass pandering like this one HERE)

That we optimistic, thinking, and oh-so-handsome readers of this blog can ROCK THE VOTE like none other.

Go vote!! Here’s the link! Go vote HERE!! Please??

I’ll be your friend! I’ll buy your beverage of choice! I’ll bake cookies!! I’ll… be your friend!! I may even etcetera.