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Thinking about the ones that got away… at Midnight on a Wednesday

Yep. It’s midnight. It’s a non-descript Wednesday. I’m… letting the ghosts in my head chase each other around. I thought you might enjoy reading some older posts that you may not have read about. An old medic remembers.

Looking for the link to NIMS training? ICS 100, ICS 200, ICS 700, ICS 800

Howdy everyone! This is kind of an odd post for me, I know, but I needed a place where I could put up the links for the FEMA NIMS training classes for the EMS employees (EMTs and Paramedics) at my ambulance service. On this page, you’ll find the links to the FEMS National Incident Management […]

Want to read what I said somewhere else?

My first bi-monthly column is up on Go have a read.

Remebering My Father, Chief Richard A. Kaiser

Has it really been 11 years? In rememberance of my father, I’m asking everyone out there to help me spread some of his legacy. Care to do me a favor?

You know what this call needs?? Mo Hi-Lo!

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National “Use the ‘High/Low’ Setting on Your Sirens for Some Reason Day” is 2/17/11 – Today’s the day… Go Hi-Lo!

Heart Attack? Call 911 – Don’t just burp

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“If I could only belch, I would feel better” – Why do people bargain with their hearts? This is a public awareness piece, don’t rationalize your heart health. Just call 911.