You know what this call needs?? Mo Hi-Lo!

The High/Low siren, or the “Hi-Lo” as the cool kids call it, is at not only the coolest thing ever to grace emergency response, but it is also the most effective warning tool ever invented. While it is sadly starting to be phased out of some brands of electronic sirens in recent times, this is mostly due to misunderstandings and is a sad reminder of the cynicism of the modern age. The Hi-Lo is not only highly effective, recognizable, and entertaining, but it has a good beat and you can dance to it. It’s use must be preserved and today, February 17th, 2011 has been declared “National Use Your Hi-Low Siren Setting for Some Reason Day” by the National Federation for Things I’ve Just Made Up (NFFTIJMU).

So, in observance of this groundbreaking and dare-I-say, highly relevant National Holiday,  the NFFTIJMU recommends that every emergency vehicle, nation-wide, utilize the Hi-Lo setting on their sirens exclusively today. It will add cheer to your responses, promote spontaneous dancing among the passengers inside your emergency vehicle (I mean, come on… who DOESN’T dance to the Hi-Lo?) and will let your community members know that you’re cool.

It is recommended by the NFFTIJMU that those crews operating emergency vehicles not-equipped with Hi-Lo settings on their sirens be required to only function as dialysis and hospital discharge units in observance of the national holiday, except for in cases of emergency.

Here are some “Facts” about the Hi-Lo Siren that you need to know:

–         Responding in an emergent fashion with the Hi-Lo siren makes an emergency responder -05% safer, and 110% cooler.

–         Transporting victims of cardiac arrest to an ER may never be appropriate without ROSC, but if you must, using the Hi-Lo has been shown to increase survival rates by 12% overall.

–         The Hi-Lo siren was invented by people WAY SMARTER than the people who invented the “Wail” and “Yelp” settings. They also have more fun at parties.

–         You can’t help from dancing while driving while employing the Hi-Lo setting on the siren. What can the NFFTIJMU say?? It’s got a beat.

So in observance of the holiday, use em’ loud and use em’ proud! Play em’ Hi and Play em’ Lo! 

(Note: Don’t believe any of this, just use the hi-lo)

  • Not all our ambos have the hi-lo, but if the car I’m on tonight has it, I guarantee use, even in the wee hours of the morning… 🙂

  • Oh, especially if I’m driving past a sleepy fire-station…

  • i wish i had hi-lo

  • InsomniacMedic- Not cool. Good thing my station has duel paned windows. 😉

  • Max

    Theres nothing better than the hi-lo. I go to work in 3 hours and I’ll be sure to run it all night.

  • Marc

    None of our rigs have it. They all have the stupid bubble-popping sound instead. : (

  • Combine Hi-Low with the mixing on a Welen and you have the most obnoxious unit on the street. Wait, I forgot to run the train horn as well. Currently the only siren setup which will consistently move a pack of cars…

  • Love hi-lo, use it frequently. Practical uses: (1) When traveling in a group, so boneheads don’t pull out after the first rig goes by. (2) When you’re right on someone’s ass and they haven’t noticed you yet, the hi-lo doesn’t produce the same intensity of recognition freaking out. (3) Gives your ears a welcome change of pace on extended responses.

    I am happy to tell you that I use hi-lo exclusively on responses here and there every few weeks, just because. 🙂