Thinking about the ones that got away… at Midnight on a Wednesday

A conversation I had tonight with a very good friend of mine made me think of two older posts that you may not have read. They’re… well they’re very personal posts, but I still read them from time to time when I need to put stuff in my head other than the crap that usually floats around in there these days. Replacing over-thought-about current sadness with past sadness? Who knows if that’s healthy, but sometimes it just has to happen.

Anyway, these two posts are worth a read I think, if you don’t mind an old medic rambling about people he didn’t save in years past.

Thanks, friend. I needed to think about these things tonight.

My first… – My very first cardiac arrest patient

In an Instant – A perspective on a tragic death of a young person after years on the street

Maybe I’ll elaborate on these posts tomorrow… tonight’s not the night for it. I’m on duty and the bunk is calling. Who knew that I’d be shaped so much by my career? It is nights like these where I’m sure that I’m motivated to be a paramedic by things way more important than money… Not that I’ve ever been not sure of that fact… and not that there’s ever really been enough money to convince me otherwise.

Anyway, enjoy the above links. They’re in my brain tonight. I hope you like them.