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Change Medicare? Save EMS

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The “Fee-for-Transport” revenue model has failed us. EMS has grown to fit the healthcare payment system and has limited so much of our profession’s evolution. We need new revenue streams and innovation, not archaic regulation. Viva EMS!

EMS 12-lead Case – Ischemia and Failure

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The 12-lead was no better. It showed bad, bad mojo. This poor guy was sick.

I don’t always link new Bloggers

But this guy’s different. My good twitter (and real life buddy) @NJdiveMedic is a Certified Diver Medic and an EMT in New Jersey (Clever twitter name, eh? It delivers what it promises) He has a resurrected blog entititled “A look at EMS from 120 feet below”. He’s written an awesome post that’s worth a read. […]