Wake Up! You may have a call…

Every so often the discussion of the most healthy and appropriate way to wake a sleeping firefighter or EMS person from their slumber in order to alert them to the presence of a call for service crops up in the national discourse. Some believe that soft, gradiated lighting combined with a soothing tone and soft-voices is best for the long-term cardiovascular health of EMTs, Firefighters, and Paramedics. They say that a quick wake up to a jarring alarm tone is unhealthy and can cause long-term damage through a rapid increase in heart-rate and blood pressure.

I think it's BS, actually. I can't seem to get up without the assistance of Gabrial's trumpet, a car battery, and some alligator clips… and even then, I have woken up more than once in the middle of a call, coming to fully-realized alertness in the act of performing CPR or decompressing someone's chest. I think that that's way more startling. Also, our night dispatcher has a voice that would be very well suited to that of a 900-number call-taker and isn't the kind of voice that tends to make a guy want to get *out* of bed. ("Tell me more about the fire, Dave!")

While searching the world's most accurate source of information, the internet, I came across this invention. I love it. I may try and buy the rights to it and sell it to ambulance agencies such as mine.

Here, see for yourself!

In addition, I think this would be an awesome way to get the crews to do their shift chores. The supervisor of the day would keep the machines on until the garbage cans were emptied, the floors were mopped, the toilets were clean, and the training was trained.

I think it's a potential gold mine.