Announcing the EMS All-Call

I’d like to announce some new features here on LUTL that you may be interested in:

First, I’m playing around with the design of the place, trying to make it look more hip and trendy. Unfortunately, since I’m basically akin to a monkey holding a rock when it comes to this whole blog design thing, it’s going slow and may have some kinks to it. Feel free to drop me a comment or a critique on the changes. I appreciate it.

Second, I’ve decided to add a new Saturday feature that I’m calling the “EMS All-Call” it will be a post featuring links from around the EMS blogosphere. Shoot me a link and if I feel like it (My post, my decision) I will aggregate the links to your stuff in a post that comes out every Saturday. Submissions are due by Thursday of every week. Send all submissions to This is open to any EMS blogger out there. Feel free to, and please submit. I'd love to help showcase your stuff.

Happy EMS’ing out there. Oh, and also… if someone could slip Mother Nature some Midol, I’m sure we’d all appreciate it.

  • Don’t try giving Mother Nature any drugs, but send her to Texas!  We’re desperate for ANY moisture from the sky, and we might be willing to take the flood waters from the Missouri, too, if anyone can figure a way to transport it!