EMS Narrative Report – Ckemtp on the MedicCast EMS Podcast

EMS Narrative Report writing is one of the most important skills an EMT or Paramedic should hone in order to make themselves a better provider. They can improve their long-term patient care, and improve the image of the profession in other healthcare providers' eyes through a well-written, informative narrative report. Not only is a properly documented EMS narrative report critical for communicating vital information about the events of an ambulance call, it also helps shape a patient's overall progression through the healthcare system. Last but definitely not least, a well-written EMS narrative report can keep your butt out of legal hot water and may just save your career. 

Recently, Jamie Davis invited me to speak on the MedicCast EMS podcast, his ever popular educational EMS show that comes out every Monday. In this two-part series, we discuss my piece: "Six Tricks You Can Use Today to Improve Your EMS Narrative Report." and various other ways an EMT can improve their narrative report-writing skills. As always, Jamie offers excellent guidance on the topic which helps drown out my babbling.

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Part two will be posted here when it comes up. Look for it next week!

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