Enhanced EMS Refusals? Read this, then look for more

Howdy everyone!

Yep, I’ve been quiet for a while, but that’s because I’ve been busy doing… um… doing, uh… Doing stuff that you’ll be hearing about later. Don’t worry about me though, because I’m certainly not going anywhere.

A while ago I came up with an idea for what I call the “Enhanced EMS refusal” and it’s an idea that I think EMS could start using tomorrow that would be a big step in ushering in EMS 2.0. I wrote about it in my August column on JEMS.com

Here’s the link on JEMS.com:  “Paramedic Uses Enhanced Patient Refusals” – Chris Kaiser NREMT-P

Look for more on this coming up on the blog, I have a lot to expand on the idea, including sample policies and documentation.

Good to be back, y’all.

  • Bad link there wildman!

  • Evan

    Check out what we’re doing in the UK. Here we are actively encouraged to take patients down alternative care pathways. In fact it forms part of our funding, which before now has been largely based on response times. The NHS is trying to keep patients out of casualty and the ambulance service plays a big part there.

    These alternatives also include options for treat and release.