Even a Blind Squirrel

Howdy all!

If you’re one of the followers of my Facebook or Twitter feeds, you’ve probably seen that I’ve been posting on there way more frequently than I have been here on the blog. I guess I find that there’s less pressure posting on Facebook than there is in posting on here because I feel that there’s less expectation for my short, little social media quips to be quality stuff.

And that’s silly really, because my stuff is pretty much all crap with a few kernels of corn mixed in. I have to remember that. You don’t have expectations of my blog, you just come here occasionally to read when you have time. I’m happy with *slash* proud of some of the stuff on here, but that’s because even a blind squirrel finds a nut sometimes.

I love this blog. I love it a lot. I love the things that blogging has allowed me to do and I love the people I’ve met and become good friends with while doing it. I really have to say that I appreciate every darn person that comes here and reads my crap occasionally. I've been gone too long. You may know that the last year was pretty rough on me… but that doesn't mean I should have left this place as long as I have.

So today marks the day that I’m getting back into all of this. For Realz this time. I’m going to drop my own personal pretense block that tells me I have to make things here *good*. I set the bar too high in my own mind. Today I’m remembering my roots, which tells me that my whole point of starting this thing was to talk to the amorphous Internet EMS community and to connect with them. Y’all don’t want Gold from me every day… if you did, you’d read someone that can manage coherent thoughts. I barely muster babbling most days and I still get hits. That’s encouraging.

This blog will once again become my Facebook. It will become once again the place where I post my random thoughts about stuff. I figure that my goal is to be a guy who “writes stuff about stuff” and well, I might as well be doing that here.

Thanks for lending me your eyes, Folks. You all are awesome. Thank you for what you do. Thank you for being here.


Oh, and if you want to put up a guest post, feel free to send it in. My e-mail is always open: ProEMS1@yahoo.com – or find me on my Facebook page or Twitter Feed.


  • Welcome back to your own blog. Now get back to work writing about stuff. You can use the OmmWriter program to help you with your writer’s block. 

  • Welcome back! Looking forward. . .

  • Lynda Otvos

    Glad to see you here, even if only for a minute…

  • Bill Carey

    Glad to see those two guys I sent up north were able to “convince” you to write some more.

    Bill Carey

  • Ckemtp

    Don’t worry guys 🙂 I have a new muse. I’ll be writing much more often now. I miss this place and I miss connecting with everyone. I’m back now, for good.

  • I’m happy when reading through your site with up-to-date information! thanks alot and hope that you’ll publish more site that are based on this website.

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