Issues: I’m Scared of something, Have a Rhythm, and A New Column Up, Too.

First off, my newest column is up over at – You might like it. I’m challenging the status quo. Like I do:

“EMS Provider Questions 3-Dose Nitro Rule –”

Did you read that and then come back? Good! But if not, I’ll link it again for you at the bottom. I’ve got a few other things that are on my mind today. Like this:

If you haven’t noticed yet, my posts are back in a rhythm.

I’m really enjoying all of the feedback and participation I’m getting on the blog since I’ve been hitting it regularly lately. I’m trying to do good, solid posts on Mondays and Wednesdays, with something on Friday to carry me through the weekend. On Tuesdays and Thursdays I plan on the occasional link love and mention of some of the other great bloggers out there. I hope y’all like the schedule and what I’ve been putting out lately.

But this week? The schedule is a tad off…

I wrote a detailed, strongly worded, journalistic, researched, and somewhat opinionated piece on a topic I care deeply about. It went long, so I broke it into two parts and planned to run it this week on Monday and Wednesday.

However, you’re probably noticing that you aren’t reading that post right now. That’s because the post scares me.

I am playing with fire with this post. Literally. It involves a burning issue that’s impacting a fire department that I am very familiar with. They, in turn, are very familiar with me. Their city council just voted to end their ambulance service in a move that they deemed purely financial. In the piece, I gave them strong advice and tough love after thoroughly exploring the issue as best as I was able.

But I’m scared to put it up here, honestly.

Any Fire-Based EMS vs. The World issue is a hot issue, fraught with peril for anyone who should so dare offer an opinion that isn’t “FIRE RULES!!! WHAT ARE THOSE IDIOTS WHO DON’T LIKE FIRE DOING!?!?!?!” I didn’t offer that opinion. While I support those firefighters and my good, long-time friends among them, I simply can’t blindly repeat that dogma. This issue is much, much more complex than that and unfortunately for my friends, that dogma isn’t going to work here. It has already failed and it will continue to fail if they continue to use it. The landscape has changed. Down is now up. Dogs and Cats are living together… Mass Hysteria! is happening and they need some new strategies.

Our friend Chief Reason wrote on the topic on his blog over at Fire Engineering and you can read his opinion on the issue I’m talking about here: “City Fires; Chief ‘retires’.  (Oh, and Art? We miss you over here at FEblogs)

Chief Reason does a good job of explaining the issue. I respect that man’s opinion a great deal and always have… and I’m not saying he’s wrong at all. I’m just saying that the argument he’s using to defend the position he’s defending is well… dated. The reality has changed as I have said and that kind of argument just isn’t going to work anymore.

Read Art’s post on the subject for more. I’ve written on it but am holding the post for a while. If anyone from Moline cares to talk about my opinion, I’d be happy to speak on it. However, I didn’t just write it for Moline. There is a much, MUCH wider issue at hand.

Here’s the deal: This thing that happened in Moline? It’s coming to your town. It’s coming to where you live and if you defend yourselves the same way I see them defending themselves, you’re probably going to lose your fight. (Not that I want them to. I support quality EMS in the City of Moline. I have a lot of friends and family that live and work there and I want the EMS there to be the absolute best it can be)

I’m going to think about posting the piece. Till then, if you care to read it before I decide, e-mail me at or hit me up on Facebook and I’ll send it to you.

Also as I mentioned up at the top, my newest monthly column is up over at – Pop by and have a read. I’m challenging beliefs there, too.

“EMS Provider Questions 3-Dose Nitro Rule –”

  • medic1976

    I work with those guys, and they are just awesome! I’m on a SmallTown ambo service and am finishing up my medic with the services in RI County, and my heart just breaks for these guys. I commend the Chief for what he did, supporting his men and women. Life isn’t fair, but it just isn’t right for the MFD or the city of Moline to sacrifice quality patient care. Too bad they couldn’t just eliminate one of the 3 secretaries the mayor has…

  • I wish everyone (from providers to politicians and everyone in between) could just focus on providing quality service, but alas, it seems not always to be so.